Fight against depression is never easy because we all love to live in denial rather than accepting what is actually happening with us. The most ironic part is that there are several ways of monitoring your depression out in the world and yet there is no distinct evaluation of who is depressed and to what extent. I know the psychology and certain doctors would disagree with me may be because not knowing something seems scarier than knowing something no matter how worst it is. But every individual is different as so is their intensity and adoption rate of depression. Since there is not enough awareness about the emotional health, certain issues such as anxiety and depression are still not taken into consideration. Even today if you have a fever and you didn’t show up for work will be more understandable and considered authentic as compared to you going through some mental and emotional stress. But we can’t sit and blame how things are we must do something about it. This is my first blog and I am no professional or commercial writer though I have been helping several people in their fight against depression through a social media platform, INSTAGRAM (you can always go and check my page @shinewithshandilya). I don’t charge anyone anything and I will tell you why, it’s because I have been there myself some 5 years back when I was only 17 and for so long I didn’t know what I was going through which made me to keep things to myself and soon I went into isolation struggling with all kinds of emotions that I failed to understand . I came out of it alone and I know every individual out there can but all I intend to do is make their journey a little easier. The first step towards fighting something is accepting that something is happening with you, something that shouldn’t but it is and it’s not your fault, not everything in this world is your fault. Ease up and let go a little. ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS is all that I ask from you in order to make this little trick of mine to work.

So, there are several ways you can fight your depression and come out as a whole new and a better individual and I will be writing about those very soon. The question is what is that one simplest thing that trumps all of it. That one thing that will provide you with perspective while healing you and your soul is LIGHT. But before I tell you what kind of light, I want you to know something about the power of light. Once I was travelling from my native city to Delhi by train because I adore train journey, it helps me in reliving the moments of my childhood. so, while travelling I met a man whose area of expertise was to know the places in and out from the mythological and historical point of view. Seeing my love for fairy lights he said “do you know they are the soul healers?” I was astonished but keen to know how so he told me about the people living in the jungles of Amazon who strongly believed in the power of light. Yes, in their culture when a baby is born, the mother and the child with it’s family stays near the river every night for 14 days in order to obtain the moonlight that can heal the soul of the child from the pain of past life memories and can bring him peace and acceptance of this new blessed life. I found it intriguing so I decided to put my newly cooked theory to test. As soon as I reached my new home situated in Greater Noida, I decided to decorate my room with different fairy lights in different rooms in order to find out which light soothes me. My peace is always restored with the golden lights, some days when I am too much engrossed in things to make time for myself, the blue lights are what gives me a subtle and calm experience combined with my favorite meal and tv series.

I thankfully had enough time to try my light theory on different people and I made different discoveries based on the same. We have seven chakras in our body and every chakra monitors certain aspect, are governed by certain things, are spoiled by certain actions but also regulated by certain actions. The problem we face in our lives is also associated with certain chakra and since our topic of concern is depression so let us discuss that. so, the sixth chakra which is third eye chakra deals with depression and the color associated with it is indigo. Finding the light of this color might be a task but it really works. you being in that light for few hours daily will work miracles for you. Though you can always eat blue berries and black berries, brinjals etc. anything that has resemblance to violet color but with the light all of these things will be the cherry on the top. You can always go and see a good doctor but if you are trying to do something effortless and doesn’t want to invest more money then this is it. Go find your soul light and the violet one just in case you think you are dealing with depression because even if you diagnosed yourself wrong it will bring you no harm. So, allow yourself to explore more aspects of who you are and what you’re capable of. This technique has worked for many and I want it to work for more people out there. There are other ways you can do things, you can meditate, go out for a morning and evening walk, eat healthy, think healthy, exercise a little, do what makes you happy etc. etc. but with doing all of this why not try to indulge yourself in some beauty of light. There is a reason why people adore moon, love the moonlight its because of its healing power. In early times people used to keep water outside in the moonlight and drink it the next day believing that by now the water has transformed into AMRIT which contains the power to heal all physical, mental and emotional wounds. These fairy lights will not only act as a healer but will also make your room look beautiful. People these days are not willing to open up about their emotional conditions because they assume that opening up will reveal their vulnerable side to the world, so by using the above-mentioned light tactic you might not have to open up about anything to anyone. You can keep your secrecy about your emotional condition though I would advise you to open up at least to someone or start keeping a journal because you never know when things can take a turn for worse. So, it’s better if someone knew. HAPPY HEALING!


There are several things to discuss and to talk about. I will try to post as soon as I can. Thank you for being such a patient reader and apologies for any mistake. In case you would like to connect with me. drop a mail at or you can also connect with me through Instagram @shinewithshandilya

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